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Download the template
(Right click and save the file):

1" Round Template
1.25" Round Template
2.25" Round Template
3" Round Template
2"x3" Rect. Template

Getting started:
Download one of the templates above. We recommend you use the Photoshop template for the best results.

If you are familiar with other design software, use the template that will suit you best. If you need a template of a different file type, let us know and we'll do what we can to accomodate you.

When creating your design, you will want to fit everything you want to appear on the face of the button inside the inner blue circle.The area from the inner blue circle to the outer black circle is the "bleed" area. This is what will wrap around the side of the button. Your design or background color should extend into the bleed area as seen in the examples below.

custom button template

Example of design bleed

Design layout

Final button

chet button layout
final chet button

Example of background color bleed

Design layout

Final button

custom button layout
final custom button preview

What file-types do you accept?
We can accept pretty much any file type you send us. The most convenient file types are PSD, PDF, or high-quality JPGs. For the best results we suggest using one of our templates above. We ask that the designs you send us are ready to print to the best of your ability. If we have a problem with your files we will email you.

A few tips:
Our templates are setup for 300 DPI (dots per inch) in order to provide you with the best quality buttons possible. The images that you use for your buttons need to be 300 DPI or they need to fit well in the template design/bleed edges. If the images start out smaller than our template (and must be enlarged to fit) they will not produce good quality buttons. Low quality images make for bad buttons. In other words, don't enlarge images to fit in the template.

Still need help?
If all this talk about templates and bleed areas and resolution confuses you, consider requesting our design services. For a flat fee of $10 per design used, we will help you create a design for your buttons. Contact us for more information.

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